500,000 people visit ISKCON Delhi on Janmastami


This year on Janmastami day, ISKCON – Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir received 5 lakh devotees. The temple was decorated using flowers from India and elsewhere along with several Jhakis depicting the pastimes of the Lord.

The temple also featured prominently the theme of ’50th Anniversary’ along with posters informing the visitors of ISKCON’s activities. The dress that the Lordships wore this time was designed by a high-end fashion designer who also designs the clothes of the Royal family of Morocco and Luxembourg.

By the coordinated efforts of all the devotees several prominent Politicians,Bureaucrats, Businessmen, Judges of several different courts visited the temple for darshan of Their Lordships and later met Sripad Gopal Krishna Maharaja who spoke to them about ISKCON’s contributions in the last 50 years to bring about a spiritual and cultural revolution in the hearts of the people.

The dignitaries included:

Mr L.K Advani – Former Deputy Prime Minister of India

Mr Arvind Kejriwal – Chief Minister of Delhi

Mr Giriraj Singh – Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Industries

Mr Sudarshan Bhagat – Union Minister of State for Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Hon. Ted Baillieu – Former Premier of Victoria State, Australia

Mr Manish Sisodia – Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi

Dr. Ashutosh Sharma – Secretary, Union Ministry of Science & Technology

Mr Krishna Chaudary – Director General, Indo-Tibetean Border Police

Mr VSR Murthy – Addl Director General, Indian Coast Guard

The exhaustive lists also included Additional Secretaries, Joint Secretaries from several government ministries such Home Affairs, Petroleum, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Defence all of whom spoke highly of ISKCON and its devotees.

On the appearance day of Srila Prabhupada, Dr. Karan Singh (former Prince of J&K, Governor, Union Minister and a Vedic Scholar) visited the temple to glorify and recollect his memories of Srila Prabhupada who had stayed at his house twice and wrote to him several times. Dr. Singh spoke of how Srila Prabhupada transformed the whole world within a span of 11 years, which was beyond imagination and quoted extensively from the Bhagavad Gita.

Sripad Gopal Krishna Maharaja while offering his vote of thanks recollected Srila Prabhupada’s struggles and thanked Dr. Singh for his life-long friendship and support for ISKCON.

Author: Dāmodara Dhanañjaya Dāsa

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