Grand Outreach Festival “Golok-FEST” in Moscow – hugely successful!

On May 15, 2016 the festival of Vedic culture Goloka Fest in one of Moscow’s biggest clubs sent everybody for an “Easy Journey to Other Planets”.

The program was improved by 108% than previous years and left an unforgettable experience and a great joy to all those who participated. It was designed for a wide audience and was interesting therefore for all, newcomers to this spiritual tradition and for those who practice for many years. All were exposed to teachings of invaluable knowledge about their spiritual nature and reality around us.

It was like going on a journey to other planets and learn the Vedic model of cosmogony.

The presentations were made by two signor monks and spiritual teachers of the ancient tradition of the Gaudiya Vaishnava, Bhakti Vijnana Goswami and Bhakti Ananta Krishna Goswami

There were chanted lyrical, beautiful and fascinating ancient mantras by Aditi Dukhahi Prabhu.

A known musical group named “For one thing” performed their show as well as other well-known and distinguished guests.

Tasty treats were distributed to everyone and the chanting had everybody dancing and crying from the joy!

Enjoythe photos from the event.

Author: Dāmodara Dhanañjaya Dāsa

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