Hare Krishna! Society distributes meals to pupils

By Yolanda Amelia

THERE are many ways one can celebrate an anniversary.

Some throw lavish parties and others do a simple get-together.

The International Society of Krishna Consciousness of ISKCON, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year, distributed free meals to pupils to promote vegetarianism recently.

It was carried out under the Sastra Dana Anna Dana programme organised by ISKCON Malaysia together with Bhaktivedanta Books Trading Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Food For Life Society Malaysia.

The group visited selected Tamil schools in Kuala Lumpur and Klang.

Last month, they made their first stop at SJK(T) Vivekananda in Petaling Jaya, where Food For Life Society gave out 720 meals to pupils and teachers there.

The session started off with the pupils singing the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

Copies of Vedic scriptures called the Bahagavad Gita were also given out to the Hindu community.

ISKCON general secretary, Food For Life Society president and Bhaktivedanta Books Trading Sdn Bhd director Simheswara Dasa said they were targeting to distribute 10,000 meals and scriptures to pupils.

“The aim is to spread awareness on vegetarianism and distribute the Bhagavad Gita scriptures to pupils and teachers.

“We target Tamil schools but we will also visit colleges and universities, said Simheswara.

On the scriptures, he said they were given out to youngsters, to discourage them from negative influences.

“The scriptures’ teachings focus on discipline and morals that will help students in their spiritual and material life. It is easier to teach them while they are young,” he added.


Author: ISKCON Outreach Committee

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