ISKCON Mira-road attracts 5,000 students

ISKCON Mira-road attracts 5,000 students in 15 days through a field trip

– Krishna Nandan Das & Bhagavati Kripa Devi Dasi


On the most auspicious occasion of ISKCON celebrating 50 years and ISKCON Mira-road celebrating first year after inauguration, which took place in September 2015, HG Kamalalochana Prabhu – President of ISKCON Mira-road, instructed his team of devotees to invite 10,000 school children for Brahmotsava. To fulfill this instruction Bhaktin Samhita came up with a very beautiful brochure to attract the Principals of different schools, so that they would agree to bring their students for field trip to ISKCON.

By the causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada, the teachers of NICE (Narasimha Institute for Children’s Education) succeeded in bringing 5,000 students to ISKCON Mira-road within a time span of 15 days. The field trip was organized as follows:

  • PowerPoint presentation about the temple deities and the design
  • “Living in Harmony “video for the students
  • Addressing of the students and the staff members by president of ISKCON Mira-road
  • A beautiful exhibit was made with the theme “Mira-road to Goloka” depicting 600 centres of ISKCON around the world, 14 planetary systems and Goloka dham
  • Getting darshan of the Deities
  • Each student who attended was given Prasad, children education pamphlets and a CD describing ISKCON Mira-road & its activities

Whole project was a great success due to the endeavours of ‘NICE’ teachers. 12 schools and 5000 students participated in this activity.

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Author: Dāmodara Dhanañjaya Dāsa

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