Kids of the Harinam (II)

The kids that go by the Harinam are very fortunate. Whether they know it or not they are automatically gaining the pious credit needed for understanding Krishna Consciousness by hearing the Maha Mantra and seeing the Sankirtan party. The one’s who come everyday and actively participate are especially blessed by Mahaprabhu’s mercy. The daily Harinam in New York City has been going on for about two and a half years and by Prabhupada’s mercy it will continue. When these kids grow up perhaps they will join us help to increase the performance of the Yuga Dharma. If enough of us join, the whole city can become conscious of Krishna, indeed the whole world, even the whole universe!

harinam kids 34


harinam kids 33

harinam kids 32

Two Stickers for Sammy, she always gets 2!, Also two shakers!

harinam kids 16

Very shy, but she wanted to participate in Lord Chaitanya’s Sankirtan

harinam kids 14

Kids love seeing Lord Jagannatha. When their parents try to get them to give back their shaker they start to cry in anxiety of separation, so we give them a sticker and they are very soothed.

harinam kids 11

This is Charlie, his parents brought him almost everyday to see the Harinam last Summer. Now the family knows and loves us and Charlie stops by whenever they can.

harinam kids 06

Two sticker Susie is happy today!

harinam kids 05

Two sticker Sheila is grabbing more shakers!

harinam kids 03

Gaurangi loves to dance now, she shakes her instrument and sometimes tries to scream the mantra. She also is now getting others to participate, nobody can deny it when Gaurangi approaches them and hands them a shaker.

Author: ISKCON Outreach Committee

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