Kids of The Harinam

During the 6 hours of the HariNama Sankirtan yajya each day, all types of people are attracted to the name, especially the kids. Perhaps it is because they have less conditioning. Here are some of the fortunate souls.

harinam kids

This little guy has come a few times. He is amazingly enthusiastic and can play all the instruments very well for his age. When his Mom tries to get him to leave he screams and cries until she relents. Mom ended up staying for like 2 hours one day.

harinam kids1
harinam kids2

This is Gaurangi, either a pure devotee or a soul with great devotional merits, she was born from Vaishnava Parents. She has been associating with the HariNam ever since she was born, even whilst she was still in the womb! She loves to play every instrument, and will try to give any instrument or object a shake (even her shoe!). One recent pastime occurred when she was looking at the books. She took a Teachings of Lord Chaitanya and tried to study it for awhile. Then Mom picked her up and she started to cry, Mathuraprana showed her Krishna Book and Mom asked “where is Krisna”? Immediately she stopped crying and pointed to Krishna. Mathura then put the book down which lead her to throw a fit of crying and screaming. Trying to calm her down we showed her the picture of Lord Brahma and then some others in Krishna Book, but she didn’t stop crying until she saw Krishna again. We can’t wait until she can lead a kirtan!

harinam kids3

harinam kids4

harinam kids5

harinam kids6

harinam kids7

harinam kids8

This is two sticker Samantha (not sure her real name). She comes by everyday with her mom and shakes the shakers enthusiastically for a few minutes. Then she coyly sneaks to the book table and grabs TWO Jagannath stickers. No matter what we tell her or her mom says, she will cry until she gets her two stickers worth of Jagannath mercy. After getting the stickers she smiles big and jumps and dances around a little bit before waving goodbye.

harinam kids9

Two Sticker Sally again, happy to see the HariNam.

Author: ISKCON Outreach Committee

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