Aindavi devi dasi: Have you ever wondered what actually happens in Krishna Village? Recently I found out directly from New Govardhana’s director himself, Ajita dasa. He explained Krishna Village’s relationship with the burgeoning curiosity about spirituality and ecological accountability in society.

In a nutshell, Krishna Village creates a rare, safe and empowered space for the curious to get in touch with spiritual life and grow. It presents diverse opportunities to explore, conceptually and experientially, the basic elements of spiritual life through a selection of courses and activities. These courses cover basic concepts such as ethics, the law of karma, spiritual etiquette, kirtana, yoga, bhakti-yoga, ecological agriculture, and so on that the guests can elect to do.

Essentially, it equips the curious with the fundamentals to understand penetratingly the spiritual community that constitutes New Govardhana and then opens the door for those still more curious to step through and get a taste of spiritual life in a supported way.

It has proved so popular that the residences for the bridging program between Krishna Village and a more committed spiritual practice, Krishna Pad (located in the old brahmacharinis quarters), are constantly packed.
To make our Village guests even more comfortable, management will soon be relocating all its big machinery that is currently housed at Krishna Village to an area just behind Jharikhanda Forest Nursery, past the old goshala.

Author: Dāmodara Dhanañjaya Dāsa

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